Still Here by Tim Sharp

Tim Sharp

Broadjam Artist: Tim Sharp
Song: Still Here

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Nikki Hornsby (Songwriter, Artist, Producer, Arranger)

Pro General Comments: Great Texas Swing number. Remember if you release single this would be a good one first. Then follow with ballad if you are doing a full CD.Nothing worse on putting a CD together with #4 or #5 quality in with a few #1 quality tunes as many inexperienced writers or searching for fame singer musicians maybe do. That's only giving others investments not a good name in the business which is a longer respected ride to do it the right way for all involved. Only my opinion as I've seen producers careers ruined or studio engineers or arrangers etc. Hired quality like a good suite and you will wear it longer. So doing poor work released ends up in the goodwill pile.) I normally don't give career advice without $250 one to one but you guys have quality work so far presented verse those wanting to learn. Maybe you already know this approach but maybe not: IF you are marketing the song for a record labeled artist then you get to the table through their lawyer through your lawyer to negotiate even percentages of rights with the record label's go to publisher etc. Remember as a songwriter (lyrics & music) It's a piece of a pie you will get into the door first. Then from their like an old associate named Jeff did after I told his group what to do in 80s succeeded...It's is where you can write for their go to publisher like a few songwriters in the past like Jeff did until quite a few hits that got him his own publishing company as a go to for a lot of groups. When a solo major recording artist believes in you if you are not known as a go to writer they may also help your singer into his own career. It's all good but not investing in the events and the organizations to meet and greet within the professional organizations is important too. Or you can do the Independent route which can give you direct profits into your own bank nets with ALL the responsibilities that go with it which many today choose to do when they have the initiative, knowledge, and stick to it bug.

Quote From Pro: I just can't help trying to support emotionally and even critically anyone with a God given talent. I would tell anyone these songwriters DO have that talent. Only maybe they only need more capital invested dollars. Don't know but do know: This is where the rubber meets the road in the business of the recording industry. I also have met many wannabees who never did make it even when their poor family members invested lots of money they didn't have (unless it was billions to start with) and they had negatives. They met folks that swim around in this business taking it all $ before the artist got out of local talent contests or state charts of their recording. There are some too that went blindly to major labels everywhere in the USA and got a broken heart. They leave discouraged to never make it to the Major national charts always regretting for one reason or another. I did none of those things but succeeded more than many and not as much as some too. So I am here to do a review. Ok, this song in my opinion (like so many songs from these guys) only needs good management (aka proven path blazers of shoppers) OR their own fortitude to make $ if that's the main goal. Choices by each of us in music are made for whatever reasons. So we do what we do when we do it. Remembering for me, we all know, music is an inherited protected by federal laws a piece of intellectual property and even after the writers have left this life their music can be marketed and profited from like good land aka real estate.I am honored to have heard this and one more of you guys collaboration hearing talent driven work. The song building you are constructing has a good foundation and I hope you continue so the money can move in and take residence for all of your life. Keep going. All will be good.Finally, again let me thank you for letting me review "Still Here" a great two step up tempo song with a positive messaged as a true Texas original Swing. I hope you (as a musician I say this) you start to list ALL the musicians on any and all productions. Pleased give credits where credit is due down to studios engineers that you already do. This gives those wanting to following your path the ability to do so. THAT is something finally the NARAS (Grammys) has started since I've done that since 1990s. Ha! Not that they heard me as I was silent lady like about things until I got older-) Glad I am for all the talented songwriting contributors that have come to as I as a pro reviewer have heard like this song too. The people involved with the arts today in my opinion ARE responsible for building excellent products. It is in our profession for our music recording industry that we are responsible for history to hear that we all do our best. Then it goes to the consumer that really needs music. As I've always said for years: Music is a healing emotional tool. Today the world needs a lot of good songs & music and always will. God bless you guys in Texas from a Virginia raised lady. Have a great week & keep writing!

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