Katrina by Soulscript


Broadjam Artist: Soulscript
Song: Katrina

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Martin Blasick (Songwriter, Producer)

Pro General Comments: I know a real Katrina so it was a nice surprise to hear where it went with the New Orleans story and sound with the horns. Loving the trumpet and trombone and clarinet. Nicely put together. The main problems are due to this genre lending itself to real drums. The song is lovely. The programed drums sound a little stiff compared to how this could be. Love the intro it really sets the mood. I wish there was a place to see the lyrics beyond just listening. The vocal seems a tad back in the mix which is wrong for this story song. Bump up the vocal. The piano is nicely played and all the tempo changes are in the right place. But, dang this one could really benefit from some of the real thing. Is the bass real? The drums sound too perfect. The banjo is great. I wish I heard it in more sections. Something in the low end of the piano/bass combo sounds a bit clunky/clashiy tonewise. I bet a real piano would solve it. I bet the bridge would play better, too with real drums and piano. It's tough to pull off this genre with the programmed stuff, so better to crank the vocals up, cause that's where the song is.

Quote From Pro: Poignant telling of hurricane Katrina's impact on this talented artist with a New Orleans sound that pays homage to its home city.

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