Still Enough by Tim Sharp

Tim Sharp

Broadjam Artist: Tim Sharp
Song: Still Enough

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Nikki Hornsby (Songwriter, Artist, Producer, Arranger)

Pro General Comments: "Give You My Love" might be an alt title and it impressed me as a great song. Like every good or great or outstanding song as all they need marketing as a finished mastered product. This song is mastered and produced very well. I suggest you take time and invest but not your money. All good publishers will give you a deal with a release clause. Always get a release clause as you would on selling a house because not all agents know where to advertise or even have buyers for your home. A song is intellectual pieces of property and you as lyric writer own 1/2 of the song as the music writer owns the other 1/2. You must have a written partnership agreement with co writers that gives you both protection which I am sure you have. Great team and good job. Now the hard work begins.

Quote From Pro: This recording is a keeper-) Do try to market this song. Also I hope you continue your partnership of lyric & music writing as you have a good combination. In hope, once the spark is found, the fire of your work should burn a long time with singers of Texas country music that need song material. Remember it's also an opinion based business. It's the marketing investment that each intellectual piece of property requires and more to invest the easier to work with any song. We know that songs are all inheritable pieces of property & valuable to the future of American Songwriters to continue creating good product. Thank you for letting me hear and review your "Still Enough" / "Give you my love" song. This also is one of my first pro reviews for Broadjam of a country song that I've finished without finding any notable errors. Yippie! Thank you for it was a pleasure that you shared your work with me as I look forward to reviewing any more of your work in the future. God bless.

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