Smoking Mirror Instrumental by starkynova muzik

starkynova muzik

Broadjam Artist: starkynova muzik
Song: Smoking Mirror Instrumental

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Cortez Farris (Producer and Engineer)

Pro General Comments: awesome track! reminds me of 90s hip hop with a touch of new age trap styleIt has a futuristic vibe to it. The sounds that you have choosen are great for a track of this kind. The drum programming reminds me of programming on a old school SP1200 whicch was a older popular roland drum machine from the 80 and 90s . The melody of the track very suttle but very appropriate for this track!I would love to hear some vocals on it. and what kind of vocal arrangement you would add to it. The mix is ok. not sure if you have mastered this track but if you are looking for a placement for an instrumental mastering or pre mastering is advised. I would add another sound or a drop to distinguish between verses and choruses. The track could use a bridge section to make it a bit more exciting. excitement in your tracks are very important. either from a mix stand point or from the souds that you chose for the track. drops are also very important. adding a sound or taking out a sound in differant sections can not only add seperation between sections but can add excitement to your tracks.

Quote From Pro: Great combination of 90s hip hop ad new age trap music.

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