I’ve Got It Made by Leon Hood

Leon Hood

Broadjam Artist: Leon Hood
Song: I've Got It Made

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Martin Blasick (Songwriter, Producer)

Pro General Comments: There's a lot of work that went into this arrangement. Some people do too little. If anything there's too much going on here. It's cinematic like a James Bond title song - big horns, dramatic. I wasn't sure where it was going, but soon got the idea this is going for the big cinematic vibe. Somehow the groove seems a bit lumpy. Is it quantized? The parts aren't vibing with each other rhythmically. Lots of great motifs in there but maybe covering up the thru line of the vocal with all the arrangement details. I'm not sure about the robotic treatment of the vocals. With all those traditional horns and strings I'm feeling a more natural vocal sound. Or go the other way and get synthy with the arrangement. There's a natural arc to a song when the arrangement and mix and song are all strong. A little trick I do is to mix drums/bass/vocal and then bring in the rest to taste. The instrumentation is overpowering the vocal. The vocal is the most important element. It's the melody and the story. Lots of effort went into this. I can hear it.

Quote From Pro: This song dares to play in the same playground as cinematic movie songs in the vein of James Bond and beyond.

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