Waiting for you by Jay Lindsey Graham

Jay Lindsey Graham

Broadjam Artist: Jay Lindsey Graham
Song: Waiting for you

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: Please note I don't rate individual instrumentation since my expertise lies more in marketability, lyric, melody, and overall performance.Overall I like your vibe- the jangly instrumentation, it is a very happy song and pleasant on the ears. The concept is a good one. And it's nice that's it's a bit more unusual for the man to tackle this angle and concept. In the past -it's always been the female (girl group types) "waiting by the phone"- it's a new era- and it's nice to hear it from the man's perspective. Your melodic hook/chorus comes in nicely. The bridge works too to give us a little change.First instinct is- that it could stand a tad more development. There is a bit of repetition going on here- in the lyric which could easily be tweaked a bit. Before you shop it- I would try and find a new rhyme perhaps for your hook- something that rhymes with the waiting line. We don't need to hear that over and over.To make it a bit more interesting- you might want to give us an idea of your ideal girl- or what you imagine her to be like. A few more details would make the story more interesting. Maybe for eg- you realize at the end she was someone right in front of you- these types of ideas make things more memorable.You had the line "Step into My Life"- right then and there I thought- now that is a "fresh" hook line. If that had been your title- that would have been a killer hook line- because it's a more visual hook. Waiting for You can work- but it pays to always search for a title that makes people stop for a minute and is a little out of the ordinary.I don't know how much you want to change the song- for eg- "Step into my Life" could be a bg vocal line if you wanted to keep your original hook. I would mess around with it a little.

Quote From Pro: Artist has a pleasant happy vibe - the jangly arrangement has a very good feel to it.

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