Not Easy by Mary Segato

Mary Segato

Broadjam Artist: Mary Segato
Song: Not Easy

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Jack Williams (Songwriter)

Pro General Comments: Hey Mary.First things first,,I have to apologize to you for taking so long getting to your song and listening to it!! I'm really sorry!!I wanted to be a pro-reviewer and I was honestly truly looking forward to doing it and I have been just sitting around waiting to see if someone was going to send me anything of theirs to review and nothing was coming in so I was beginning to think that it wasn't for me till Mike got in touch with me and said that I had two reviews waiting for me and it was all because I didn't know where to look and somehow if I did get some kind of notification I must've missed it because I'm so new to "Broadjam"SO anyway I'm here now and........Wow girl! What a cool little song you've got there! I don't think that you'll have any problems at all getting someone to pick this up for a sync license for a film or TV it's sure has all the right elements in it, just be patient and believe me that's the hardest part sitting around waiting and taking all the passes and hearing all the "No's", "Not right for this project", etcetcetc but this is a quality piece of songwriting and good songs get heard.So yes I do think it's suitable for licensing and pitching to anything you want to pitch it to. Where do you live? Do you live in a music city like Nashville, L.A., Austin, Detroit, New York, Memphis, Dallas or Chicago? If so then I'm sure you already have some pretty good connections and relationships developed along the way who will be happy to toss you songs around to various situations especially if they are as good as this one is! If you DON'T live near any of these places and you DON'T have any other connections or relationships built up besides "Broadjam" then just keep them coming and I'm sure something will fall out of the sky for you because when your stuff is this good something usually always happens as long as it gets heard by someone in the power seat so to speak :)DID you submit it to that "Women of Substance" thing that was going around when it came around,,I know another "Broadjam" affiliate who did and they picked up one of her songs recently to play on it and this is definitely worthy of them taking a listen, so if you haven't and it's still open you should give it a shot too.There's not much I can add to this because it's pretty obvious to me that you know your tradecraft when it comes to putting a song together and the rest is all the ouck of the draw and the stars lining up for you and coming up with a hook and an idea for a song that no one has ever heard before and then saying it in a way that no one has ever hear it said before and if you keep striving to do that and you want it bad enough success will come hunt you down and give you that prize that like the rest of us inside your heart of dreams you want very bad! If you continue writing song's this good and better trust me that single star of light will shine on you when you least expect it to!Good luck Mary and thanks for letting me review your song it was a pleasure!

Quote From Pro: "If you continue writing song's this good and better trust me that single star of light will shine on you when you least expect it to!"

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