Wishing on a Snowflake by LaLa Deaton

LaLa Deaton

Broadjam Artist: LaLa Deaton
Song: Wishing on a Snowflake

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Alex Johnston (Music Supervisor, Composer, Producer)

Pro General Comments: Of the hardest things to write is a Christmas themed song that isnt so stupidly obvious that is cheesy or bad or too different that it doesn't evoke that emotional feeling and set off all the mental images that make a great Christmas song.This however is perfect. Jazz classy, lullabye soft, Love song based and giving me images of those great 40's songs with the 5 part harmony chorus and then a great turn in to full band middle section, just to add that cherry of quality. The lyrics are fantastic, great use of phrase and perfect harmonies that give you the warm feeling of safety for some reason.I'm not one these Producers who gives negative feedback because I think I would do it better, nor will I blow smoke up backs sides with false love. Its that good that I don't have any critique to give it. You should be super proud of the track and so should everybody involved I will put this track in my company files for any placement opps I have and see what I can do.Great Work!

Quote From Pro: On of the most innovative Christmas songs you will hear. Classy, heartwarming, but beautifully upbeat and the elegant vocal delivery is the embodiment of safe, sweet family values of the American 1940's.I love it. Top, Top song

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