WAY BACK by Toby Tune

Toby Tune

Broadjam Artist: Toby Tune

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Alex Johnston (Music Supervisor, Composer, Producer)

Pro General Comments: This is an upbeat piece that creates a good mood. There are syncopated and counterpoint patterns and rhythms that make the arrangement interesting. Its starts with the almost arpeggiated piano chords, over a long legato cello which immediately sets of the arrangement. The brass phrase off set against the Erhu that sounds like the chinese violin is a unique way of delivery. Pan pipes join with a counterpoint melody that catches the ear and helps to evoke a different feeling, then whole thing then joins together for a nice dynamic crescendo before it drops with what appear to be tubas or French horns and a small filtered drum loop plays in the left ear as if anticipating more coming, ust before the powerful drums kit in and again we have another dynamic lift. So a really good set up musically and dynamically. The song it is most powerful at this point and with extra kick drum added it feel like the songs is riding on a across the chinese grasslands headin for the sun and then a nice SFX ending. My only thoughts are this. Dont be too clever in arranging pieces, remember that a lot of Music Supervisors are not all top notch musicians and arrangers so they might see it as too complicated or not understand it, but Stick to you principles.The other main thought is if you hired a trumpet player and a violist rather than used sample banks that would have made the song 60x better in its quality of sound and it would sound amazing, its worth spending a little bit on friends you know who might play but would really help it to stand out and in the industry in every level people are trying to be noticed and different you have the chance to with a few changes.Overall and enjoyable listen with choice of instrumentation excellent and a clever yet tricky arrangement.Nice WorkMuch LoveAlexCMI Music Group

Quote From Pro: A nice upbeat piece with an interesting arrangement

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