Searching by Tony DeSimone

Tony DeSimone

Broadjam Artist: Tony DeSimone
Song: Searching

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
John Anderson (Publisher)

Pro General Comments: I think that this song definitely has a hook and is very catchy. The verses fit in nicely with the chorus, yet are distinguishable enough not to be confused with the chorus. It is the type of song that will get stuck in the listener's head, which says a lot about how catchy the chorus is. I think that this could probably be rerecorded or remixed. The vocals are very heavy as well as the plucked banjo part, which was distracting. I think that the song would flow more if the mix were more polished. The recording itself sounds well done. Other than that, the instrumentation fit the song nicely, and added to the emotions of the song. The hook may be enhanced by some backup vocals in the chorus to add some depth. Because of it's happy vibe and uplifting lyrics, I think that it would be a great song for many different kinds of commercials or family-friendly sitcoms. I could also see it being used in trailers for comedies or other uplifting movies. However, there are a lot of songs like this in the market, so the challenge will be distinguishing this song from the rest of the pop world.

Quote From Pro: Tony DeSimone delivers a feel good anthemic pop/rock track that warms the heart. It's convincing on all levels, and leaves you wanting more.

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