I wish you Love by amy abernathy

amy abernathy

Broadjam Artist: amy abernathy
Song: I wish you Love

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Michael Marans (Music Technologist)

Pro General Comments: I Wish You Love has great potential. The message is uplifting, the lyrics thoughtful, and the vocal performance is sweet, strong, and sincere. Unfortunately, the very traditional instrumentation and arrangement drag the song down, giving the track a dated, unoriginal flavor---one that's truly not deserved. I'd suggest recutting the track with an entirely new instrumental approach, one that gives each section of the song a chance to grow and flourish and offer some level of unpredictability and surprise. (Several of the later-appearing chord changes do just that...take you to a place other than the one you were expecting.) Things to try might include a piano-only intro and first verse, and instrumentation that's not so familiar, such as a fretless bass and a synth accompanied by hand percussion (or whatever). You might even want to revisit the overall feel and tempo entirely, just to take the song out of it's current '80s R&B vibe. The point is to take the song somewhere else sonically, so that the listener hears something fresh and new. You've got a strong message and delivery. Now you need the instrumental arrangement support to bring the song home. With that in place, your lower and middle scores would all increase accordingly, and you'd have a solid track to showcase your vocals. If you're set on the traditional sound and feel, I'd recommend listening to some of the early Wynonna records (Wynonna, Tell Me Why) for inspiration. Last critique: You vocal sounds generally effortless (a good thing), but in a few places, the phrasing is a little bit unnatural, one example being "I hope you never lose your love and Inspiration, That you get the passion that you are craving," (2nd time) where it seems as though you might be trying to fit all of the words in, instead of just letting them flow naturally. Experimentation with some alternative phrasing could yield worthwhile results. And don't be afraid to hold back on your vocal in the beginning and belt it out at the end. Dynamics capture the listener...you've got 'em, use 'em!

Quote From Pro: The message is uplifting, the lyrics thoughtful, and the vocal performance is sweet, strong, and sincere.

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