Did Ya Know by Cindy Tuttle

Cindy Tuttle

Broadjam Artist: Cindy Tuttle
Song: Did Ya Know

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Tom Bocci (Music Supervisor, Producer, and Publisher)

Pro General Comments: Greetings Cindy,Thanks for the opportunity to review another lovely song of yours. Your natural ability with melody and a catchy hook is alive and well again in this tune. Your lead vocal has a surprisingly soulful, bluesy color to it that serves as an interesting counterpoint to the positive message of the lyric.Your tendency to start with a chorus works especially well here, because it's always a good idea to begin with an opening question so that you can develop a number of multi-faceted answers within the rest of the song's story. Well done!In the second section of the first verse you might want to try singing the word vanish instead of push to see how it feels without it changing your intended meaning. Also the structure starts to fall apart in the second verse. Suggest you drop "new" before "hope", it sounds awkward and end the second verse with "look deep and you'll be glad" by deleting the "Taking One Step..." half verse. Then go directly back to repeating the chorus one last time. The ending/outro in my opinion would be much more effective using a slow fade by singing the line, "See the Light Within, See the Light of Love" three times. This leaves the listener with the memory of your main overall message, and sounds more organic than the abrupt ending that is there now. It's also why I think the title should be "See The Light". Your instrumental partner's musical tracks and arrangements are major assets to these demos and I encourage you to work together more on tighter structures that enhance your style of writing.

Quote From Pro: Your natural ability with melody and a catchy hook is alive and well again in this tune.Tom Bocci

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