No Longer Home by John Hazlett

John Hazlett

Broadjam Artist: John Hazlett
Song: No Longer Home

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
David Weiss (Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: John, thanks for submitting "No Longer Home." I thought this was a stronger track than "I'm So Lonely Without You," primarily because I think the chorus has a good, strong hook. I like the way it has a motivational feel to it, like something or someone continuing to drive on in the night. That would be a good scene choice for this song, BTW -- someone or something that has to keep on going. Again, your instrumentation/arrangements need some work. There's not enough going on to maintain listener interest throughout the song. It seems to wander again in the verse sections, but again the chorus is a nice strong hook. It reminded me, in a good way, of Giorgio Moroder's sounds in "Scarface," which is a great soundtrack. The military inspiration of your work makes this a good match for themes of battle/war. I could also see it being used for montage scenes, where they have to show a lot of progress being made to build/rebuild a vehicle or something similar. This song shows more of your potential as a songwriter. Keep it up!

Quote From Pro: A moving and motivational track.

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