I’m So Lonely Without You by John Hazlett

John Hazlett

Broadjam Artist: John Hazlett
Song: I'm So Lonely Without You

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
David Weiss (Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: John,Thank you for submitting your work to me. Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in reviewing your submission -- thank you for your patience.I like the emotion that you convey in this song. I know it has a sad title, but I heard a lot of positivity here, and hopeful/optimistic music. It sounds like you have a good ear for music, and I hope you continue to compose and record. As you see from my scores, I do believe you have some additional work to do. The biggest thing that stands out is that "I'm so Lonely Without You" sounds like many MIDI instruments recorded in a computer, or from a MIDI keyboard/synth. If you are gunning for synch placements on TV, film, etc... I believe you'll need to make your sounds more realistic, since many of your competitors have mastered the art of MIDI orchestration to make highly realistic sounds. The progressions are nice, but they feel like they meander to me -- the song should have more changes of some sort, to take the listener on a deeper journey. Does that make sense?

Quote From Pro: Atmospheric and pleasingly ambient.

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