Rocks in my head by jdsoundworx


Broadjam Artist: jdsoundworx
Song: Rocks in my head

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: Hi James:Please note I don't rate individual instrumentation since my expertise lies more in marketability, lyric, melody, and overall performance.Hello, good energetic performance. Definitely Romantics- What I Like About You vibe- but also you may be curious to check this little "hit ditty" out... (The Monkees- Little Bit Me, Little Bit You)- reminds me of the melody a bit... (not in a bad way/legal way).. in the jangly part.It's got a fun title- definitely not boring. You want a title to evoke a mood and your title suits your song. A bored music supervisor sifting through a ton of tracks would definitely pick this to listen to over "track thirty six metal" as a title. And if you can add a little bit of humor into the title- all the better.The thing that may be hindering the song/instrumental from getting cut for one are the voices. I actually like the voices but if someone was to use the song for an action sequence- the voices would seem to come out of nowhere and distract. Do you have a mix without?It's kind of like when people put people clapping in the beginning- it limits the songs usage (for a lazy editor). Sure they can edit around it- but some can't be bothered and just go on to the next track.

Quote From Pro: Energetic 80's flavored track.

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