Comfort Zone (Acoustic/Live at CYBC) by COSTA / Costa Ioannides

COSTA / Costa Ioannides

Broadjam Artist: COSTA / Costa Ioannides
Song: Comfort Zone (Acoustic/Live at CYBC)

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Malik Williams (Producer, Artist, Engineer, Composer)

Pro General Comments: Hi Costa,Comfort Zone is a really nice pop/world love song! I've listened to this over and over. It's a classic case of "less is more". A very moving soundtrack song with brilliant lyrics that really pull on ones conscience!I like the way you're referring to the worlds tragic issues that most of us can relate to and in my mind, i could imagine the scenes vividly. It's the common message of dealing with negative live experiences but still being able to find solace in that person or thing you love the most. Sometimes you just want to hide or lose yourself just to feel safe. Pretty much, everyone can relate to that.. It's the classic formula for a great song. In the second verse you say "I lie to God again". That's a really powerful line. What I took from that is Sometimes in life it's so hard to believe or understand. We ask the question "why", over and over, with no definite or logical answer, so we have to keep the faith just to stay sane. This live recording was done very well. You've managed to capture a very warm and classic Ovation guitar sound. Very smooth vocal performance with a nice touch of reverb in the mix! Knowing that it was recorded live makes it that much better. You vocal tone and expression works well on this song. I was listening from the perspective of this being produced in a more dramatic fashion. Maybe with rhythm and orchestral production... Just a thought. I still think the simple version prevails but it could be fun to have a version 2. If you haven't considered the music licensing route, this is a good song to pitch. Great job overall!

Quote From Pro: Comfort Zone - A very moving soundtrack song with brilliant lyrics that really pull on ones conscience!

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