Home by Thierry Coupey

Thierry Coupey

Broadjam Artist: Thierry Coupey
Song: Home

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Nikki Hornsby (Songwriter, Artist, Producer, Arranger)

Pro General Comments: As an artist we all know once music is set in stone (recorded) the only choice is to cut a new stone if we can do a better job. Recording a song professionally is that cut marble or cut diamond which needs to be polished before offering it to the public or anyone to see or in the case to hear. Now "Home" the selection of your choice of instruments for your song is good. The instruments (music) carry me forward to want to hear more of this "my heart is homeless" "Home" song from the opening to the end. The balance with vocal and the instrumental part let us give a TINY bit of attention. Again, the man you pay to do your vocal demo work is good so don't worry. Let me pin point for you to experiment with somethings my little tiny ears hear. I suggest you try to pull back instrument volume at meter 41 just a little since vocalist 'by my side' lyric was walked over a little by the music... but do not pull back so it's greatly noticed. Ok? Adding the bongo/conga work is a great touch. 2:27-28 there is a doubling thing (syncopation like) on the percussion notes that could distract from hearing words at that point. Then at 3:01 the increased bass volume may distract here a little, so try a pullback of the bass drum / bass guitar track there, but it depends on if you want to keep it that way as it does work up front better later on. Just try and compare doing that and see how it feels.3:20 is a piano type spot (not a negative key stroke form which I understand creatively that could be acceptable or corrected) which that same piano effect seems to continue until 3:23 at the break spot even into the key modulation transition which maybe what you wanted. It is all up to you of course if you like what you have don't change them. I am sticky picky since I can hear maybe more than the average consumer. I think you know NOT to take my opinion as gospel by any means...but do a test for yourself by laying down different track lines of more precise piano notes or conga /bongo at that meter point to see after you compare the first one to the other one and which one will make you FEEL better. In the arts the precise points of perfection are not only what music is about at all. We must never loose the feeling. Music has the passionate element of course we must not forget like loving someone requires! Back to your "Home" 3:34 has a booming bass. Maybe try upping a tiny bit the vocal track here. Start with as much as a grain of salt or lowering the bass track volume instead. 4:21 start to pull back as the vocalist does on his volume. I like the wind sound effects at the lyric point "I made my way And now I go" fits certainly. Oh...trust me, I LOVE doing this pro reviewing for you. Please hang in there as the musical artist you are. Remember too music requires the marketing and promotional budget elements in business which for many artists without such talents discover and this is their way to succeed. To me the success is that you are satisfied making a commercial song for the consumer to purchase or a composition of expression for posterity regardless of acquisition but how it touches the heart...the concern should be the spirits you touch in a crowd of listeners who relate to the healing emotional tool that music really is.

Quote From Pro: Thierry, this composition especially at the bridge & the feeling of the entire piece all the way through sounds like another TC (Thierry Coupey) original... and again the tears came to my eyes as I heard the ending as the lyrics touched me with the feel of the music fade out. It is a GREAT job as your great personal experience expression. Thank you for allowing me the honor to pro review another great Thierry Coupey styled song. I wish you many more songs to come as the artists within us knows there is another one ahead that we strive to make even better than the last.

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