Because Of You – Studio Demo by MoBack


Broadjam Artist: MoBack
Song: Because Of You - Studio Demo

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Shawn McKenzie (Producer, Artist)

Pro General Comments: Hi Monique, thanks for submitting your music to be reviewed. I only received 2 songs from you, not sure what happened there? I find the song to be a cool laid back song. If that was your goal then you have accomplished that. But if you were trying to establish a smash hit, this is not the song to do it with. I find the verses are tad bit long a bit too wordy. I can only go from these two songs, but in both those songs the choruses are right on the mark, they are catchy and simple which is what people are looking for now when submitting songs. Depending on the demographics that you are trying to hit, this may or may not work. If you are hitting the European market, it may work. But if you are trying to access the US market then you need to have a rewrite of the verse, and as good as a Producer as Andy Whitmore is the music will not cut it to for the US market. In Europe the vibe is more open to different styles and flavours of music. so you have a better shot with that market, not to say that it may be accepted but on the whole Europe is more open to all types of music. My recommendation is to shorten the verses by 4 bars. As writer, it would do you well to have a stronger vocalist to sing when you are pitching music. As a songwriter you want to hit them strong the first time, and not have the performance come out a little weak. As the saying goes, "first impressions, are lasting impressions". You want the person to get the vibe the first time instead of them trying to feel the vibe as you intended it to be. I am giving you this review to help encourage and not to discourage you, put it this way it took Pharrell 9 tries before Happy was accepted. Rework the song a little bit and you just might make everyone happy. Hope this makes you happy.

Quote From Pro: "Cool laid back song, short simple and sweet Chorus"

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