Don’t Give Up On Me by Mary Segato

Mary Segato

Broadjam Artist: Mary Segato
Song: Don't Give Up On Me

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
John Anderson (Publisher)

Pro General Comments: Hey Mary, quality song all around, first thoughts of artists I can hear it for are Don Henley, John Mayer, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Seal, Ed Sheeran, or Sam Smith to name a few. Also reminds me of the Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel duet "Don't Give Up" (In theme only) which came out on 1985. Easily crosses the Rock, Pop, Country and R & B genres, incredibly universal. Works as a Duet or for a solo artist with prominent backing vocals, Male or Female leads. The demo recording and production quality is superior to what I typically hear. GREAT! I personally focus more on film/television/ad placement for artists then getting songs recorded. That said, it would certainly be an appropriate pitch for a wide range of artists crossing several genres. It does strike me as a song that would fit nicely into a film and really enhance the emotion of the scene as well. I'm sure there are song publishers out there that would be proud to submit "Don't Give Up On Me" for a major label or independent artist to record. Do be weary of getting too close to the John Mayer sound, it could turn some artists off. You're good to go with this one!

Quote From Pro: A beautiful heart felt ballad that tenderly pulls you into a damaged relationship with a plea for forgiveness. 1st class songwriting and a track that's ready for the charts.

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