Broadjam Artist: PYSONGS

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Jonathan Weiss (Music Supervisor, A&R)

Pro General Comments: This song has some well put together, yet familiar sounding chord changes. At some points it sounds like the changes could be something like an early Sheryl Crow song, with horn and synth arrangements that sounds like its from the 70s. Overall the song and production sounds very retro to me. That's not always necessarily a negative thing, however in this case, I felt the chordal structure was inventive and something you don't hear a lot of these days in contemporary pop music. Structurally, the song took quite a while to develop. To kick off the song, it sounded like a stripped down rhythm section and evenutally at 0:51 a full horn and background vocal arrangement came in. It wasn't until after 1 minute in, that the full rhythm section came in. This is a long time to develop for a pop song. In order to grab the listener's attention right off the bat, I would have come in right at the top with a full compliment of the arrangement and instruments, then have the breakdown come in the middle of the song. Pretty inventive background vocal arrangements throughout and a full sounding wall of sound type arrangement once the song gets going. Perhaps with a bit of a restructure, the sectional contrast of the song would work better and have more potential commercially.

Quote From Pro: An inventive retro wall of sound type sound that is reminiscent of an early Sheryl Crow arrangement.

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