Stay Beautiful by Tony DeSimone

Tony DeSimone

Broadjam Artist: Tony DeSimone
Song: Stay Beautiful

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Jonathan Stone (Publisher)

Pro General Comments: Really good all the way around. Reminds me a little of U2. I think this will have great opportunity for film and TV use as well. Its clear that the author/artist is experienced and professional. This is a perfect example of writing an idea that has practical application to many visuals which is great for sync opportunities. The lyric never really gets to specific and they bring forth a very positive message "Stay Beautiful" inside. Don't know if this was the author's intent but never the less it opens up a wide variety of potential uses by doing same. I often get songs pitched to me and the artist wants to get syncs, which all tracks have potential for such, but as soon as you go off into subject matter that is too specific like "my pet butterfly flew away" your song can only be pitched for projects about pet butterflies. You get the point. It could be that the artist here just wrote from his heart and out came the perfect "sync" song. I hope thats the case, so much the better. Or perhaps we have a wiley craftsman here who intended to write a song just for sync ops. Doesn't really matter. Regardless, he has one here and he would be well served to get this out to as many film and Tv libraries as he can that accept outside "songs" and see what happens.

Quote From Pro: Tony DeSimone nails it with "Stay Beautiful". Great track, message and performance! Check it out!

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