Universal Truth by Bill Zeffiro

Bill Zeffiro

Broadjam Artist: Bill Zeffiro
Song: Universal Truth

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: Please note: I do not comment on instrumentation since my expertise lies in marketing, lyric, melody, overall presentation, etc..Hi Bill- Good concept. It may be a hard sell to an artist though- universal truth- most artists want songs that portray them as virile, competent and a winner. It can be an uphill battle to sell a song where they call themselves a schmuck. This is the age of false beauty- where everyone edits their image until it's six pack, no wrinkles, etc etc. It would take an artist who has been on top for quite a while, with a great sense of humor to undertake such a song.It is perfect for theatre though where an audience can listen along and empathize. For some reason we love actors to look like schmucks because we can see ourselves in their shoes and feel less silly about our own foibles. However in music - its usually a more sexy thing- and the preening peacock artist rarely submits themselves to ridicule no matter how warranted. Sense of humor alas seems to be a rare quality in the music biz..You may want to decide on a sexier title- Universal truth can bring to mind some religious leader about to lecture us on the perils of sin (lol). You want a title that is going to bite and make us curious- so we just have to know more. "Just Another Schmuck in Love" for eg - gives us the tone of the song- we know its going to be funny.You have a great way with lyrics. Maybe you could research comedians that sing- a lot of comedy records are done and see who is working on an album. Adam Sandler? Steve Martin? Some who sing: Jimmy Fallon, Tom Lehrer, and Steve Martin.

Quote From Pro: Bill has a great flair for comedy.

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