Partners In Crime by Sergio Simone

Sergio Simone

Broadjam Artist: Sergio Simone
Song: Partners In Crime

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: Please note: I don't comment on individual instrumentation- since my specialty is more in the marketing, overall vibe, presentation, lyric, etc..Great title, great vibe. You did it on this song. The vibe doesn't stop- what a feel good song. Arrangements and singer really bring this to life- good selections.Opening has that Joe Cocker vibe- "You can leave your hat on".... With a little mix of Stevie Wonder on the side. Nice influences.Solo is tasteful, works to give the ear a nice break just like it should.I like Partners in Crime for the title however for marketing "Summer of 73" may be a bit better. The song has a retro vibe and Summer of 73 is in the hook therefore more memorable for a music supervisor sifting through music.The hook works like it should- it makes you want to hear it again. There could possibly be a bit more melodic contrast between verse and hook but it works just the same. You don't want too too much going on since the lyric needs a simpler bed to tell its story. Maybe another instrumental bed of some kind in the chorus to give it an extra flavor and signal it has arrived?You're giving me a very hard task to critique this song because its very very good. Your lyrics paint a picture just like they should. We can see these guys and maybe even want to join them on their escapades. You give life to a place in time in a very dynamic way. Lyrics full of action and colorful descriptions. "We love to talk about the good old days Acapulco Gold and Purple Haze"- your description takes us right there.You're smart and work with people who bring out your lyrics. That's the secret of success- just ask Madonna. You may want to pitch this for retro films and tv when you get a good mix on it. It is very specific- but it seems the songs I think are the hardest to place are sometimes the easiest because they're so specific. Niche things can work in your favor.

Quote From Pro: Sergio paints a very colorful picture of the good ole days, bringing you right into his world. Great work.

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