Like A Mountain by matt taylor

matt taylor

Broadjam Artist: matt taylor
Song: Like A Mountain

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Tom Bocci (Music Supervisor, Producer, and Publisher)

Pro General Comments: Greetings Matt,Appreciate having you submit two more songs for review.Your signature high lonesome vocal performance does the heavy lifting on this "bare bones" singer-songwriter demo.It interprets the heartfelt sentiment and imagery in the lyrics to offer a balance of questioning life's mysteries with the comfort of knowing a loving relationship as the ultimate truth. In the songs I've heard so far, your unique intimacy in delivery and presentation sets you apart, so having someone else belting it out theatrically seems counter-productive, especially in "Like A Mountain". You might consider changing the lyric in the B section of the first verse to, 'beats faster when you're near, like pure fresh water need to drink you in'. My production advice would be to repair the pitchy vocal, add some string pads and BG harmony to the hook, and end on a dominant chord that resolves and reflects completion of your good mind moment.

Quote From Pro: "Your musical intimacy in structure and presentation sets your songs and production apart from the pack".Tom Bocci

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