Blue Umbrella by Tom & Mary Erangey

Tom & Mary Erangey

Broadjam Artist: Tom & Mary Erangey
Song: Blue Umbrella

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Jonathan Weiss (Music Supervisor, A&R)

Pro General Comments: Great chorus in this song. The chorus, lead and background vocals remind me of something that Carole King would've have sung back in her hey day. I felt the verses let me down a bit after lyrically, melodically and rhythmically after hearing such a strong chorus, each time it went back to the verses. The chorus seems to be in sort of a cut time, or doubled rhythm, whereas the verses do not have that same sort of forward movement. I think in this case, the verses need to be as strong as the chorus, and in this piece, in my opinion, it's not. Lyrically, it's a lighthearted song about being with someone you care about while its raining. Think we've all been there at one time and this is a great representation of what an experience like this might be like. Solid lead vocals do a good job of expressing the joy of this experience. The background vocal arrangements are also quite strong and harmonically work perfectly.

Quote From Pro: Strong chorus in this song that would evoke visual images from the listener. Creative and solid background vocal arrangements in the chorus, make this a very catchy song that would work well behind visuals in an advertisement.

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