Bye Bye Orlando by Ron Wilson

Ron Wilson

Broadjam Artist: Ron Wilson
Song: Bye Bye Orlando

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Nikki Hornsby (Songwriter, Artist, Producer, Arranger)

Pro General Comments: Demo quality of instruments arrangement producer is not good for this catchy product song. Let me share something from our CJP-NHRecords files we give to our clients that might explain why it is important: "[Quoting G. Marshall Instructor, H. Musicians Institute. Source: Disc Makers Fast Forward, Vol. 5, No. 3 Issue 1997]"Years ago you could have given A & R reps and publishers a demo with just vocal and guitar on it, and they may have been able to hear how it would sound with a full band behind it but today they don't have time. They want to hear a fully produced, finished album. Remember, your demo is your business card. You get one chance to make an impression don't give out your card until you're sure it's ready." Hope this helps since I and my staff have been telling this in CJP-NHRecords clients in the one to one consultation since 2000. Hope this helps explain what is needed since I know your material has great bones! Maybe it needs some better clothing to be shopped for acquisition if that is the goal you are working towards. I would love to know who your professional studio musicians and even the name of the studio where you recorded your song(s). Now back to my listening as I do this over & over to make sure I am touching all bases with my personal knowledge. I do this technically as a producer including like publisher would do for your production towards marketing it to the consumer which a label with staff would also do plus the responsibility of a studio engineer that cares if his name is on it would help improve your product and not just engineer it for the money and get it out the door. I believe good money spent should have a good product and anything less is bad character in an honorable profession of the recording music industry.

Quote From Pro: The introduction part of this song could be improved but the complete song does sound like a commercial for the Auto Train if that was your intent. It is a catching melody message but like the ones they made many years ago for radio advertising. But in my opinion the fact that it's a demo is no excuse for the song suffering by what you present. It is still only my opinion of a poor production for your song which no professional in the area of acquisition or marketing would take now. Sometimes the better dressed get a better seat at the table and you want to give your songs a better chance to be heard without the negative distraction of such mistakes in the recording process especially the notes that were sung off key with the music or as I see it musicians are off from the vocal lead. Thank you, Ron, for sharing another catchy melody that you have written even with the flaws I heard. I look forward to reviewing others of your creation and I look forward to a better demo production if you can afford doing that for songwriting your talents. God bless.

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