The Guys In Las Vegas by Ron Wilson

Ron Wilson

Broadjam Artist: Ron Wilson
Song: The Guys In Las Vegas

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Nikki Hornsby (Songwriter, Artist, Producer, Arranger)

Pro General Comments: First you should know that I do like your song but the instrumental introduction has the bass player playing the wrong notes at this exact meter point 0:03-0:04 which for the listener is a very bad negative point at the beginning of any song. It's more like what a live recording does without any editing control of the final song demo recording. Remember any recording IS your calling card as a songwriter. This is why a good engineer / producer / professional musician would hear these things like bad played notes, timing, or other balance points as I did and correct them for the songwriter or record label before it ever leaves the studio. The back ground musical arrangement and execution in this "The Guys of Las Vegas" demo production (as it is now) is very distracting to the song even as a demo. In my opinion the wrong person did the production & the instrument arrangement on this demo for your song and not good for any songwriter / artist. It would be like putting your beautiful child in, torn and tattered, dirty clothing to send them to their first day at school or on their first prom dance. It would be better as a songwriter to have your "The Guys In Las Vegas" sent to professional demo service. There are some really good ones online at a very reasonable cost. Do this please in the future BEFORE sending "The Guys of Las Vegas" to anyone who is a professional in the music recording business. A demo is still a release or potential recording release for the general public if it's uploaded anywhere online. This is essential to produce demos or recordings well and today it is the best to do for the music & lyrics even with a demo production in my opinion. Good thing is that your song "the Guys in Las Vegas" does have a haunting melody which sticks with the listener. That in itself helps take the first steps towards publishing, marketing, and sales of any song which should be the goal of being a professional songwriter. I listened to this song a few times and that is why I suggest with some good polishing in a demo it would be much better for your craft as a songwriter. It also would be better for any of your original songs to be posted ONLY polished this way online. Remember we all know NOTHING lasts forever but in the music recording business to be known for better than bad demonstrations of your songwriting (music & lyrics) I believe will help you accomplish your goals of which for each of us are achievable.

Quote From Pro: "The Guys of Las Vegas" has a haunting medium tempo melody but as the demo it is it does need some polishing. When that is done it could be a great gem for any listener as we as songwriters need to dress our recordings up a bit as if they were to be seen at the finest events, dressed up with a good and applicable instrumental balances too. At the least we as songwriters need to do the best demos we can afford therefore, I suggest your song "TGLV" now be sent to a professional demo service like many songwriters here on Broadjam have done. In my opinion you might do this before you start posting a lot of your songs even as demo's on your BJ Page in the future or replace them with the polished demos. That way in truth when the professional music or film industry starts searching for your work or when you send your product into the companies looking to license your songs, it will be acceptable rather than rejected. Potential is really there for your song certainly that you submitted to me once you take those suggested steps. Finally, let me thank you for sharing "The Guys in Las Vegas" lyrics & music. There is a message in this song we as listeners can relate to and I look forward to reviewing more of your work in the near future. Thank you.

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