I Believe by Jim Reeder

Jim Reeder

Broadjam Artist: Jim Reeder
Song: I Believe

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Dave Hnatiuk (Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: Hi Jim,Thank you for your patience in receiving my review. I have been BEYOND busy lately which I am thankful for! Generally speaking, this is a classic song with a ton of emotion behind it, a very inspirational message, and generations of fans and listeners who have experienced it in a variety of different ways and contexts. I think your simplistic instrumentation choices were the right way to go here. This song is all about the lyrics and the vocal melody, and the instrumental aspect of the song is very much secondary. Good job on this.I think the general mix and production is fine although I would DEFINITELY consider pulling back on the delay effect on your vocals. The delay gets so intense at times that I seriously cannot decipher what your lyrics are saying, and for a message heavy song like this one, you cannot risk any one not being able to understand the lyrics. And by the way, I'm listening to your song on a perfectly working pair of Genelec 1030a studio monitors.

Quote From Pro: Jim Reeder was smart to accurately cover the classic song "I Believe" written by Ervin Drake, Irvin Graham, Jimmy Shirl and Al Stillman in 1953 and made popular by Frankie Laine's original performance. It's my belief that Jim Reeder's cover of "I Believe" could be a useful alternative version of the song for those media producers who cannot afford to license more well known versions of the song.

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