Back to the Stars by Frank Dixon

Frank Dixon

Broadjam Artist: Frank Dixon
Song: Back to the Stars

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Chris Keaton (Music Publisher, Artist Manager, Song Plugger)

Pro General Comments: I am absolutely enamored with the gorgeous piano intro...the recording of the piano is exquisite!The lead vocal is enchanting and really attracts the listener's attention from the first note. Reminiscent of Michael Buble, yet still an original style and timbre.What a wonderful melody and lyric. They really work together well and deliver the message in a lovely style. The lyric is dreamy yet right on point and, to me, the message stays clear throughout.The chorus is memorable and singable and, again re-engages the listener and demands his attention.By the time you get to the "We're going home" section, the musical tension has built to a marvelous crescendo and the release at the end of the section is really climactic and effective.In my personal opinion the vocal seems to be a bit buried or masked when all of the instruments are playing and I think it would have been better if the vocal was brought out front just a bit.Your vocal range is excellent and never sounds strained or forced...beautiful. The e motion you display in your voice is truly magical and makes the listener want to hear more.

Quote From Pro: An incredible talent and song. If this song and performance are any indication, Frank Dixon will be a major star!

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