Buried Alive by RekLes Studios

RekLes Studios

Broadjam Artist: RekLes Studios
Song: Buried Alive

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Serge Durand (A&R/Publisher/Manager)

Pro General Comments: I think this is a good song. I like the fact that it's not the cookie cutter attempt at a club anthem. I like your story telling ability. I like the way you paint pictures with your words. You bring the listener into your world. I also like the lyrics, concept, and hook. It's evident that you're talented and a good rapper. After hearing this, I'd probably like to hear more from you. The only thing that I would suggest is maybe adding a short intro. The song jumped right into the chorus. The chorus is catchy and memorable, so I would add a short instrumental intro then jump into the chorus. It's always refreshing to hear artists rap about real situations and bring the listener into their world. Stay in that lane. Artists like J. Cole, Drake and Kendrick Lamar are winning big in that lane. Even older like Nas has been able to sustain a long career because of their story telling ability. This song doesn't scream a strong first single, but it would be a good song on a project. It's not a traditional club or soulful record. It's a great fuse of rap and rock because of the instrumentation used. I'd like to hear a strong first single from you. Keep up the good work.

Quote From Pro: It's always refreshing to hear an artist that has the ability to write records with substance. After hearing "Buried Alive", I was drawn to his music and I was interested in hearing more from him.

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