Fly tonight by Veo Coun

Veo Coun

Broadjam Artist: Veo Coun
Song: Fly tonight

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Jonathan Weiss (Music Supervisor, A&R)

Pro General Comments: Veo,Verses in this song started out with some promise as it leads up to the hook of the song. Lyrical subject matter seems a bit overly familiar to me, "tonight will bring a brighter day, tonight we're going to fly away, there's going to bring a brighter day." "We're going wild on the dance floor."I liked how the verses built up in energy in the arrangement as the song continues on. The vocal also builds up in energy and is able to handle the lead melody well. To me, the track sounds like in its in demo form. If this was sent to me for film & TV, I would not be able to use, due to the overall quality of the recording. While I think that aspect can be worked on, I'd be more concerned with the overly familiar sounding lyric and concept. Sounds like something I've heard before and unless the arrangement is so slamming that it brings everyone to the dance floor, then I think its an ok electronic dance track that still needs some development and work.

Quote From Pro: A pop electronic track that has some solid movements and sectional contrast in the arrangement. A familiar sounding lyrical hook that with further development in this genre, could gain some regional play in clubs.

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