The Machines Are Coming (less is more mix) by David Banks

David Banks

Broadjam Artist: David Banks
Song: The Machines Are Coming (less is more mix)

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Jonathan Weiss (Music Supervisor, A&R)

Pro General Comments: Very inventive film oriented score piece. When the track started out, I thought as a listener that is going to remain plaintive and string and piano oriented and did not expect the heavy electronic aspect with choral arrangements to come into play. When it did, it was an interesting surprise and the cue a unique feel and tension and release arrangement. This would be a solid calling card of a cue to attempt to gain work in the film or TV scoring arena. It shows a good grasp of arrangements and also an ability to think out of the box, combining classical type string arrangements and contemporary sounding electronic beats. The choral arrangement was also a pleasant surprise that gave it a lighter feel over the more harsh electronic slightly dub step sounds. Overall, an inventive piece that shows a versatility in composing and overall arranging skills.

Quote From Pro: An inventive and contemporary score cue that has both classical and contemporary electronic elements, along with a lilting choral arrangement. All combined, it shows a versatility for arranging and original composition.

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