Prison by Christian Taylor Michaels

Christian Taylor Michaels

Broadjam Artist: Christian Taylor Michaels
Song: Prison

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Diana Williamson (Songwriter, Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: Please note I don't rate individual instrumentation since my expertise lies more in marketability, lyric, melody, and overall performance.Got that nice 80's Pat Benetar, Patty Smyth type vibe. Good choice of vocalist and the guitar licks are tasty. Structurally really sound, you know your way around a song. Arrangements rise and fall like they should, building and releasing.Good opening gives us conflict, drama to draw us in from the get go.Maybe use of some stacked harmonies to add some depth and dimension would be nice. Not necessary but might be nice. I also could hear some cool bluesy guitar licks to give a more current edge. You may have some back in the mix? Let you "in, in" or "eye, eye" sounds a little contrived and makes it sound a little more like a demo- in terms of being made aware of vocalist instead of just listening to song. Same goes with the rhyme screaming at the "air" sounds like an over easy use of rhyme which in the 80's was more acceptable but stands out more today in use of "close/less than perfect" rhymes.Good use of structure, your songs has a good flow to it and you know how to make your hook give us the pay off. Breakdown/vocal part gives the song a bit of space which is smart arranging. You understand the basics which is the main thing in songwriting and can be transferred to other styles/genres. Not everyone has a strong song structural sense, so good work.

Quote From Pro: Solid songwriting chops, knows how to structure a song and deliver the pay off hooks.

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