Out Of My Tree by Jason Montero

Jason Montero

Broadjam Artist: Jason Montero
Song: Out Of My Tree

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Todd Herfindal (Songwriter, Musician, Producer, Engineer, Indie Record Label)

Pro General Comments: Strong lead vocals with emotions that come across as real and palpable. The lyrics are introspective, observational, philosophical and thoughtful. The arrangement has some unexpected qualities, like how the percussion-driven quiet verses pair nicely to the louder, more aggressive choruses. The female sounding background vocals are nice compliment to the strong lead singing. All in all the mix is strong. Most of the elements within the mix can be heard and identified. There are a couple moments in the chorus where the lead vocals get a little buried or too low in volume. "BUILDING <(too low in volume) cages when I long to be free" "GIVING <(too low in volume) is easy. . salvation is hard." Raising the vocal volume in those moments and/or adding some light compression to even the chorus vocal volume could help. This is the kind of track with the super loud choruses and quiet verses. . where adding some ambience like reverb or delay to the chorus lead/harmony vocals could help add to the drama of both musical sections being so dramatically different. It could help make the chorus stand out even more. Just a production idea for you to consider. The vocal FX could be subtle or not so subtle. You would need to experiment to see what works best. I mostly hear 90s Alt. rock influences, which at this point fall under a classic rock category, so your style attributions are spot on. I really enjoyed the track. Best of luck! . . .and keep up the good work!

Quote From Pro: Jason Montero has got a real knack for crafting thoughtful, observational, philosophical lyrics that touch on universal themes. It's refreshing to hear real ensemble musicians doing their thing well.

Beautiful by Toby Klusmeyer

Toby Klusmeyer

Broadjam Artist: Toby Klusmeyer
Song: Beautiful

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Chris Keaton (Music Publisher, Artist Manager, Song Plugger)

Pro General Comments: This song is really wonderful. I was very attracted to the song from the first piano line at the intro. The recording of the track is exceptional in its starkness. I appreciate the fact that you left space for the piano and vocal to breathe. The lead vocalist really connects with the lyric and delivers an emotional and honest performance. It's as if she is not reading but breathing the lyric. She feels it and the listener does, too.The piano and vocal work together and create a gorgeous song. Sometimes when I hear stark recordings such as this the piano and vocal compete for the listener's attention but not here. You have achieved a perfect balance here. I congratulate you!This song would work really well not only as an original release for a pop artist but also lends itself to placements in film or television. It conjures spectacular visual images. I particularly love the vocal interaction in the last part of the song. The vocalist sings some very creative ad libs without overhanging. Her range, timbre and pitch are exceptional. I also really like the spoken "kiss off" at the end.In my opinion, you should consider releasing the sing with this girl as the artist.I hope this helps.

Quote From Pro: This song would work really well not only as an original release for a pop artist but also lends itself to placements in film or television.

Broken Line by The High Children, LLC

The High Children, LLC

Broadjam Artist: The High Children, LLC
Song: Broken Line

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )

Pro General Comments: Hi THC -Thanks for letting me know about your track, "Broken Line". I really dig it. In my honest opinion, this song nearly has it all, from a Pop perspective. I think it's very close to something that could certainly find a home in some sort of sync scenario - a TV show, film, game, trailer, commercial, etc. As for what needs work, I'll address that below, but overall NICE WORK. You certainly have the makings of what could be a great, radio-friendly Pop song. I really love the main hook and huge keyboards in the chorus, just excellent.I like the Euro-Pop / Dream-Pop / Electro-Pop feel and sound of it for sure. It does sound very close to something you would hear on the radio already without changing a thing. With a few clean-up details, I could probably pitch this to SiriusXM and/or other retail outlets for you (like gyms, malls, restaurants, stores and shops, etc.). My retail rotation clients tend to like songs with just a little more energy, but this one is really close already - right on the verge kind of that mid-tempo vibe - not *too* slow.I think the production value on this song (the technical aspects of the recording, mix, and master) are all very good and don't really hear much, if anything, I'd change there other than the Auto-tune, mentioned next.The performances seem pretty solid, especially the instrumental backing tracks and rapping - very good stuff. The sung vocals are ok, but at times definitely seem over processed and unnatural. That may be what you were going for on this tune, with so much Auto-tune used giving it that robotic feel/sound. To me, that's probably the one area that I would address first. It's ok to use Auto-tune as a 'secret sauce' or sweetener to use that here and there, but it seems like it's overused on this song, in my opinion. I'm not sure if that's because it's correcting so much of the pitch along the way - or - if it's really just being used as an effect. It sounds to me like your singer might actually be hitting the notes without the Auto-tune... but then the Auto-tune is pushing some places OUT of tune, which just won't do it's distracting. And most producers, directors, and editors wouldn't choose to work with it based on that issue (flat notes in the music/vocal track would distract from picture, from the story in a visual). What does this song sound like with NO Auto-tune? Are the vocals in-pitch already and Auto-tune is just an effect? If so, dial it way back (probably the Re-tune Speed) and let the natural voice come out more because as-is, I couldn't pitch it for anything sync related due to the lead vocal and Auto-tune effect. It makes it seem too homegrown and semi-professional because it seems overused. So, work out those kinks for sure. Otherwise, nice song that could work for some different possibilities, but the vocals need to be addressed.

Quote From Pro: THC's "Broken Line" is one of the best, new, original Indie Pop tracks I've heard in awhile. It has be makings of what could definitely be a Hit and could certainly find its way into a TV show, film, commercial, or any other type of sync situation.

Heart In Vain by Andre Kerek

Andre Kerek

Broadjam Artist: Andre Kerek
Song: Heart In Vain

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
A.J. Gundell (Songwriter, Composer, Music Supervisor, Producer)

Pro General Comments: This is a beautiful work in progress of an original soundtrack with a gorgeous, memorable melody and an orchestral vibe that's reminiscent of film scores from feature films like The Pianist, Schindler's List, and The Zookeepers Wife. All very nice company to be in!Further to the upside, the piece is nicely composed in an A-B-A-B-A form that works well, and is harmonized and arranged effectively to develop and maintain interest throughout. The overall emotional impact is quite striking--really effective and affecting. Per above, Heart in Vain evokes some of the poignant romantic drama and pathos of historic feature films and film noir/Eastern European works.On the downside, the piece is compromised by the fact that it's presented in demo form as a midi file. Clearly, from the Artist's Submitted Question, the composer knows that the work needs a more fully produced rendition recorded by a legitimate orchestra. In the meantime, the demo sounds... demo'y. The sounds lack the vibrancy of real instruments but there are better orchestral samples available than these. Of course, it also follows that the feeling of a real performance is also lacking here: it suffers from being clocked to the click and the quantizing/error correction available in midi, and really misses the real feel and the dynamics, rubato's, ritards, and sounds of a live orchestral performance.Since a fully produced orchestral recording is expensive, I'd consider some out of the box alternatives to that investment: a school, church, or community orchestra that may be interested in doing Heart in Vain as an original work. And although it's not arranged this way, maybe a string quartet arrangement could substitute for the full orchestra, with or without piano--and, as four or five live pieces, achieve the live feel at an affordable cost.All that said, there's a germ of something really special about the basic elements of this instrumental composition: the melody is unforgettable, and the piece works great as an idea whose time hasn't quite arrived yet.

Quote From Pro: This is a gorgeous work in progress of an original soundtrack with a stunning, memorable melody and an orchestral vibe that's reminiscent of film scores from feature films like The Pianist, Schindler's List, and The Zookeepers Wife. All very nice company to be in!

Man 4 Me by The High Children, LLC

The High Children, LLC mobilt bredband/ Broadjam Artist: The High Children, LLC Song: Man 4 Me Broadjam Pro Reviewer: Robert Dellaposta (Writer, A&R, Publisher) Pro General Comments: You kept me listening from the downbeat. It was retro yet contemporary. Great vocals all around. This song would fit very well in movies and television. Romantic break-ups and romantic dramas as well as slow dance scenes. The instrumentation was also authentic to the genre and the performances sounded professional. I can also hear this being included in an R&B album. The song is very commercial in my opinion. I loved both the solo vocal and the background vocals. The arrangement was interesting and entertaining. This took me on a musical journey back in time and then brought me back to the present. Although the lyric is about not finding the right man the music still left me with a smile on my face. I loved it.The instrumental melodic lines added a lot to the overall R&B experience. Mariah Carey would have had a big hit with this song in my opinion. This would have been a big hit with the Fifth Dimension as well. It combines the 70's and the 2000's. Quote From Pro: The High Children are a musical group worth listening to. The melodies, arrangements, vocals and instrumental quality is very high indeed. I wholeheartedly recommend The High Children for your listening pleasure.

One Second – Basic Home Recording by MoBack


Broadjam Artist: MoBack
Song: One Second - Basic Home Recording

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
John Anderson (Publisher)

Pro General Comments: Hey MoBack, I'm happy to see this second submission from you. "One Second" is my favorite out of the two. "One Second" is a solid, positive, feel good crossover dance anthem. The lyrics are super catchy and the chorus is already on repeat in my head. This reminds me of late 90's/early 2000's Spice Girls' "Girl Power" pop. Somewhere between Kylie Minogue and Katy Perry definitely comes to mind. Check out Kim Petras, she cuts outside tracks. The production quality for the demo recording is solid. I can already hear this being played on the radio and in clubs and encourage you to take it further. "One Second" is a fun crossover dance hit.Depending on what your goals are, this song could also be considered as a demo in order to find a suitable artist who would be interested in recording it and releasing it as a single. A male or female singer with a strong reputation and fan base would be able to take this song to higher levels.On the Film/TV placement side the recording would most likely need an upgrade to land any of the bigger dollar spots but the song itself pumps so you never really know. Do your due diligence and get this song in the right hands. I think it has great potential to go somewhere. Hunnypot Approved!

Quote From Pro: "One Second" is a solid, positive, feel good crossover dance anthem. The lyrics are super catchy and the chorus is already on repeat in my head.

Black-Hearted Cowboy by Ashley Martin

Ashley Martin

Broadjam Artist: Ashley Martin
Song: Black-Hearted Cowboy

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Jim Bruno (Songwriter)

Pro General Comments: Overall I liked the song and the demo. The song has a timeless quality to it and to my ears sounded like it could be a country/americana standard. The chorus and the verses work well with each other and the lyrics reflect the mood of the melody and vice versa. I especially liked the couplet "Ya now I'm tough like a broken glass shardHard and jagged and shattered and scarred". It really summarized the emotion of the song well. The title is also strong. Your understanding of song craft is evident in various ways including...Keeping your rhyming scheme consistent. Repeating your title in the song.Making sure that your song components are well differentiated from each other.

Quote From Pro: Ashley Martin is the kind of songwriter who writes from the heart. Her melody and lyrics will stick with you long after her song stops playing. Do yourself a favor and check her music out!

Summertime feels good by MoBack


Broadjam Artist: MoBack
Song: Summertime feels good

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
John Anderson (Publisher)

Pro General Comments: Hello MoBack, apologies for taking a bit long to complete your review. I've listened to "Sumertime Feels Good" many times now, and it is a track that really grows on you. I very much like the intro. The first ten seconds is a captivating beginning to the song, and consists of a great hook. It reminds me of a lot of Lizzo, who is an artist that I am extremely fond of. The versus of the song include a solid melody that immediately pulls you in. The chorus is defined, and it blends well with the song and works nicely.My efforts are focused on Film and TV music placement. I feel that once the song is a finished and fully recorded, it will appeal to the Licensing Community at large. Programs such as "Claws", "Shameless" and "Hawaii Five-O" are suitable examples of projects that I would present to the show's Music Supervisors.Thanks for turning me on to a great pop/dance track!John AndersonHunnypot UnlimitedLos Angeles CA

Quote From Pro: MoBack's "Summertime Feels Good" is a solid, feel-good demo that has significant potential to appeal to a wide audience. Bringing in live musicians with a full recording will better the song substantially. Well done!

Because of you (home recording) by MoBack


Broadjam Artist: MoBack
Song: Because of you (home recording)

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
David Weiss (Music Supervisor)

Pro General Comments: Hi, thanks for your submission! I know the craft of songwriting is important to you. I heard a lot to like, as well as many things to improve (mostly production-wise), in "Because of You." I really appreciate the positive sentiment in the song, and the unbridled joy it projects. The chorus represents such an upbeat embrace for the listener to dig into - it feels like permission to just go ahead and love someone as much as you want, with no boundaries. The world needs more songs like that!Your voice communicates the message very authentically, which only adds to the power of the lyrics throughout the song. Yes, the demo sound of it is definitely there! Thanks for letting me know that. I was honest in my downgrades on the instrumentation, just so you know what I think needs improving. But I understand it's only a demo, not meant for Prime Time. Did you do all the programming and instrumentation yourself? If so, that's pretty impressive -- feven though I believe there's room for improvement, that's a tough feat to pull off and adds to what you can potentially accomplish as a songwriter. There are also four seconds of silence to start the recording, make sure that gets shaved off.If you wind up keeping the song for yourself, I would recommend re-recording "Because of You" with a full band to let its natural exuberance come shining through! Do you know what artist you have in mind for this song? I'm curious if you've got a particular singer/artist that you think would be ideal to pick up on this.

Quote From Pro: An unabashed tribute to the pure joy of love!

Building a dream by Andrea Pasqualetti

Andrea Pasqualetti

Broadjam Artist: Andrea Pasqualetti
Song: Building a dream

Broadjam Pro Reviewer:
Doug Diamond (Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer )

Pro General Comments: Hi Andrea -Thanks for letting me know about your epic instrumental, "Building A Dream". Great work. I really like nearly everything about it.What I run into most of the time with composers who try to do everything themselves (I'm not saying you're doing that) - is that they tend to overuse "MIDI" gear... and therefore the end result is that it sounds too synthetic and fake / not convincing enough that it's a REAL orchestra. If that happens, no music supervisors, directors, producers, or editors I work with would choose to use it because it sounds fake or hokey, and that is not something that most producers would want to convey alongside their visual production.Not your song though. It sounds terrific. I don't get that feeling at all with "Building A Dream". It seems very real - and not contrived or fake in any way. I actually like 'not knowing for sure' if it is or not. I like not being able to tell if it's real or if it's a sample library, you know? That tells me you're on the right track, so good job there.The song is long enough to get the overall feel and point across, but it's also not 6 or 8 minutes long, which is a real deal-killer for what I do (because I can't realistically pitch songs that long unless we're looking to HIRE a composer for a project, which is not usually the case). If it were that long, I'd have to ask for a cut-down version to pitch. But in your case, I would not have to do that, which I appreciate - and that also saves us both time.Your song is definitely ready to go from a sync placement perspective. It's just a matter of finding that perfect place for it (which is sometimes difficult).Right now, I'm thinking video games or music library on this song in particular. Probably more so than a film score - but only because those tend to be situations where a composer is hired to specifically write for that film instead of bringing in outside music. You may already know that. Obviously, you could use this as your demo to show music sups and directors your composition skills, which this song would work well for.There are enough places within the song where a skillful editor could use it, and make edits to it to fit to picture, so I don't want you to think that it would not work for a film. It's just that usually a composer gets hired to do this type of music versus finding an outside source for it, if that makes sense.The only thing I'd change about it isn't really a huge deal for you I don't think.I'd have a second version of this song without the synth pad starting at 1:30 (where I first really notice it) just in case it's too "1980's sounding" for some visuals, which it might very well be. If you're ready to go with a backup version minus that synth (or replace it with a different sound perhaps), I think your chances for placement of this track are really good. You don't want to give people a reason to say 'no', so just be prepared. Have the other version ready.Overall, superb work. I love the arrangements and the strings are beyond excellent.Send me an message if you would and I will pitch your tune to a music library I work with and we'll see if we can get something going on it. Do stay in touch. Looking forward to working with you.Best,Doug

Quote From Pro: Andrea Pasqualetti's "Building A Dream" is an excellent instrumental / filmscore piece that is highly dramatic and emotionally charged. It has an epic sound and "heroic" feel, and could definitely work in the right sync scenario - such as a film or video game soundtrack it's that good.